SA - pneumatic atomizing nozzle

High-flow Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles

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Design Features of the SA nozzle

  • A two-fluid nozzle using any gas as the atomizing fluid
  • Three-stage process that uses atomizing air more efficiently than conventional designs
  • Two-phase atomization for highest performance
  • Designed for high reliability in extremely hostile environments
  • Efficient design reduces compressed air consumption
  • Standard and custom lance designs are available for any application
  • U.S. Patent #5,240,183

Spray Characteristics

  • Full cone and flat fan

Spray Angles: 20° - 90°
Flow rates: 2.0 to 80.0 l/min

nr 20°
nr 20°
wr 90°
wr 90°
ff 60°
ff 60°


Applications for
the SA nozzle (e.g.):

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