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Design Features of the DUR O LOK Couplings

  • Compact - length and outside diameter reduced by 30% - 50%, compared to flanges. Allows double the number of pipes per rack. Provides improved external flow distribution for immersed couplings. Reduces shadowing for couplings used in process vessels
  • Light weight - weight reduced by 60% -90%, compared to flanges
  • Simple - Number of Parts reduced by 55% - 75% per connection,
    compared to flanges.
  • Fast - Save up to 10-15 minutes to make or break each connection
  • Non-restrictive - Full port inside diameter eliminates pressure
    drop and allows "pigging".
  • Smooth interior bore - Minimizes flow disturbance. Eliminates
    attrition in catalyst and other solids conveying applications.
  • Boltless and threadless - No wrenches required. No torque
    measurements required. No bolt holes to align. No need to tighten
    connections after thermal cycling. Simplifies painting and insulation.
  • Self-energized seal - Sealing force increases with pressure.
    Less chance of leaks.
  • Thermally stable - Desgn minimizes thermal expansion effects on
    sealing- Tolerates very rapid changes or external or internal
  • No interferences fits or metal-to-metal sealing - Higher reliability.
    Less susceptible to damage.

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